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Customer/Producer of waste

Efficiently and cost-effectively organise waste collections using a simple online tool. Specify the waste to be collected and disposed of and choose the best service from the quotes provided. Eliminates the need for expensive and lengthy waste contracts. Provides full reporting and transparency to meet legal obligations for the correct disposal of waste.
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Efficient written dialog with the waste producer customer enabling easier Duty of Care management, faster invoicing and more streamlined monthly and quarterly reporting to the relevant Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The solution enables waste producers to provide full digital records to their customers and governing bodies. Offers the potential to dramatically reduce administrative time and paperwork.

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Waste Brokers have all the luxury of that producers have, plus the ability to select from your chosen recyclers, waste carriers and have several of the features available to recyclers, which include:

Accept quotes from customer, arrange collection dates, assign collections to vehicles and drivers, have fully digital and updateable duty of care, track the performance of your fleet and external hauliers all on your dashboard!

Not only that, you’ll have real time duty of care, so as soon as the DoC is complete and the waste has arrived at the recycling facility you can send instant quotes straight from the system! You can even request clients pay you via the system.

Ask your downstream partners to join the system and every transaction between you all is fully digital and even more important, it’s easy to audit!

PLUS, at the click of a button, you can perform all of your required monthly and quarterly returns and send them straight to your relevant EPA!

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Benefits of using AnyWaste.Com

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Positive Global impact

Working within several of the UN Sustainability Goals (UNSDG’s) - Read more.


The system is the first of its kind allowing waste producers, waste processors and brokers access to, Read more.


AnyWaste.Com has invested time, money and knowledge from the worlds leading recyclers and producers to bring you a complete system.

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