We Are Raising Funds!
Pre-Register for our Crowdfunding
We Are Raising Funds
Pre-Register for our Crowdfunder

We are raising investment!

We are delighted to announce that pre-registration for priority access to our upcoming crowdfunding campaign is now open!

Pre-registering comes with no obligation to invest, but you will be one of the first to have the opportunity to own a piece of AnyWaste Global Ltd and access our rewards before we launch to the general public.

In the first instance, the campaign will be exclusively open to confirmed investors and those who have pre-registered, so if you would like to be given priority access, please click the link below:

Our Crowdfunding campaign is run in association with Crowdcube.

Why Us? Why This? Why Now?

In a world that is drowning in waste, sophisticated waste transport and tracking are essential for a safer, cleaner environment.

The AnyWaste platform is the solution for responsible waste management of the future.

Why Us?  Our team has more than 45 years’ waste experience, with a CEO who is a former Microsoft Engineer.

Why Now? The legal landscape is changing. By Mid 2025 the Government will mandate the digital tracking of waste.

Why Anywaste? The platform has been designed with the needs of responsible waste management. It includes simplified booking of waste transport, precise tracking from source to destination and makes reporting accurate and timely.